📌 Forget Silicon Valley. Why Europe is the place to start your tech journey

📱”European startups attracted more than $110 billion over the course of 2021. The continent has already given birth to household names, such as SAP, Spotify, and, and with the popularity of the region set to grow exponentially, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing many more emerge in the future.”

📱 “In Europe, each country has its own unique cultural and legal nuances to consider when building a business. While this can pose a problem — whether it’s operational alterations, localisation issues, or dealing with different payment providers — the advantage lies in helping start-ups become truly customer-centric, putting their users first when defining, developing, and then refining their product.”

👉 Today we want to share this article from Tech.EU ♻️ Digitool is an Erasmus+ project, focused on the topics of #Digitalization, and #CircularEconomy helping HEI to implement digital education solutions into their curricula

💻 The project will develop an innovative, asymmetrical online course on Circular Economy //Green Business theme and it will strive to improve digital pedagogical competences of educators, enabling them to deliver high quality interactive digital education

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